Challenges that working women face today essay

Her so called sacred duties of Mother, Sister, Wife, are still kept on demanding on her the women are divided between her official work and home duties. But, as Steinem said, violence against women is at emergency levels.

The men consider the household work as sole responsibility of the women. This is also due, in part, to a wage gap that is far more complex than a single dollar figure.

They have to suffer a lot in their daily life to nourish their career as well as saving their family relationships. She said that in addition to the cost of childcare, women felt out of touch after returning from maternity leave, and believed that their employers lacked understanding.

Mary Ellen Iatropoulos, director of education at Children's Media Projecton women working in media and technology: They are treated poorly and forced to wear white clothes.

In addition to these hardships, the women are bound to play the traditional role of child bearing and child rearing. What do you think are the greatest challenges facing girls and young women today? Leadership is a primary mediator of power, and girls and young women have been left out of leadership roles.

Yet many of these women have had to sacrifice caring for their children in order to earn a living. In spite of all the hardships being faced by the working women, it must be noted that women have fought a great battle and are still fighting at their own against the fright and hardships faced by them and got remarkable success in every field of life.

The Biggest Challenges Facing Girls and Young Women Today: 4 Women Leaders Respond

People in the middle age were considering women as key to destruction so they never allowed women to go outside and participate in the social activities like men.

The incidents of one sider sexual advancement by the boss, staring at her body parts, alluring her with quick promotion in return, are generally to be faced by a working woman. Her pathetic position, working at home as well as at office, is not admired, even by her husband or mother-in-law or father-in-law.

With necessity of time absences of joint families the financial independence of women are making the male absorb the change slowly but gradually. They have to prove their devotion, seriousness and sincerity towards work time to time.

Husband is free to take excuses of over burdened work pressure of official exigencies, but wife is expected to be found fresh and amiable all the time. Still in the modern age, women have to face many more problems in their daily life and struggle a lot to establish their career.

Living under the threat of violence affects women's health both physical and psychologicalfinances, employmenthousing and ability to live meaningful lives. The working atmosphere in the offices, particularly, for the women is also not so congenial.

Today the women enjoy equality of status, equality of opportunity with men. With the political emancipation of India, the women of free India ushered into a new role. Yet many of these women have had to sacrifice caring for their children in order to earn a living.

The situation demands effective measures to protect the working women in her official environment from the lust and greed of male bosses and colleagues. That number changes drastically in India, where six in 10 women are confident that they earn the same amount.

The Biggest Issue Women Face Today, According To Gloria Steinem

Our society had been a male dominated society; the changes are gradually being digested. New media technology offers greater opportunity for connection and community and at the same time poses interpersonal challenges for girls and young women.

India is also a powerful nation and famous worldwide for being the largest democracy in the world however, women backwardness is also very clear in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and lots of restrictions against women.

It was the traditional faith that man is for thy field and woman for the home. Still there are many parents who prefer to have only boy baby and allow education to boys only. However, as many readers noted, we cannot get complacent: In the modern world, where women status has been improved a little while, still they are facing problems.

Women education percentage is low in India especially in the rural areas because they are discouraged for higher education like professional and technical education.

10 Challenges That American Women Still Face Today

The women can only explain to have frights and hardships experienced by her while working in office. If you add up all the forms of violence, whether it's domestic violence in this country, which is at an enormously high rate — I mean, the most dangerous place for a woman in this country is her own home, and she's most likely to be beaten or killed by a man she knows — or it is FGM, female genital mutilation, or it is female infanticide, or honor killings or child marriage … Violence has reached an emergency.

The incident of intentional touching, double meaning dialogues, unwarranted comments, piercing in her private affairs are some of the common examples which create lot of irritation and make the women unnecessarily defensive. And age factors in as well. Manu, the great scholar said "Where women are worshipped there the deities are pleased".

The more opportunities girls have to really find their own inner strength and balance it with external strength, they can then go out and be advocates for themselves. In some cases they have to finish their life because of unbearable conditions. It is performed by the husband, relative or other family member.In an article “Working Women face Challenges in Zimbabwe” published in a journal named My Wage, a survey was conducted with the aim of understanding Zimbabwean working women’s perceptions, challenges and experiences of their role.

Working Mothers Many women today are facing choices that their mothers never had to face.

1130 words essay on the hardship faced by working women

One of these choices is whether or not to go back to work after having a child. One of these choices is whether or not to go back to work after having a child.  Women in the workplace Today, we live in a society where men as well as women are working together in the workplace setting Moreover, you see women working as Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and even hard labor such as Construction workers just to name a few.

Let us discuss the most predominant challenges that women in the workplace face in their day to day life. Another most noticeable challenge that women of today face at work place is the work life imbalance.

Such comments sound too harsh and many a times forces the girl to put down her papers. May 31,  · Our blog post “10 Things That American Women Could Not Do Before the s” has prompted amazing responses from Ms.

blog readers. Feminists of the s and s worked tirelessly to secure the rights for women that we enjoy today. However, as many readers noted, we cannot get complacent: We must continue the fight to ensure equality for all.

The Biggest Challenges Facing Girls and Young Women Today: 4 Women Leaders Respond But girls and young women still face many challenges related to gender and often have to reconcile their own.

Challenges that working women face today essay
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