Demography and national security in niger republic

Niger and Boko Haram: Beyond Counter-insurgency

The most notable Tuareg revolt was the Kaocen Revolt. After a coup inthe head of the presidential guard, Daouda Malam Wanke, was named president and head of the National Council for Reconciliation. The southern Sahelian zone is devoted to agropastoralism, which at the fringe of the Sudanian zone becomes essentially agriculture.

In both rural and urban areas, architecture also reflects social stratification. There are also bilateral inheritance practices and much informal preinherited property in the form of gifts.

Demographics of Niger

There are also liquid grain beverages resembling beers. Remarriage varies with the age and local status of a divorced woman. There have been sporadic efforts to integrate some traditional healers, such as herbal medicine women, into the Western biomedical establishment through training programs and certification.

Presidential campaigns were organized in the months that followed. Most of the workforce, however, is employed in subsistence agriculture and herding and artisan work and is not unionized or salaried. Some women own property: Apart from the fact that the image of Nigeria has been dented globally as a country, Boko Haram menace had equally breads social miscreant and criminal activities in the country.

The Saibou regime acquiesced to these demands by the end of Some rural people, particularly women, are hesitant to use hospitals and clinics.

The Nigerian government has struggled to deal effectively with various grievances across the country, but Boko Haram Insurgent seems to have been restricting the Federal government efforts in finding a lasting solution to the crises of bombing were being carried out virtually on daily basis.

About eighty percent of the industries were said to have closed down due to power failure and the daunting security challenges. Help us make our solutions better Rate this solution on a scale of below We want to correct this solution.

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On 11 JulyNiger decided to leave the French Community and acquired full independence on 3 August with Diori as its first president. Griots and smith-artisans exert much informal power through their critical social commentary.

There is great appreciation for the arts and literature. Documentation of yellow fever vaccination is required for those over nine months of age upon arrival in Niger. Due to poor line quality, callers often experience delays in getting a telephone line, and faxes are often unclear.

The largest ethnic groups in Niger are the Hausawho also constitute the major ethnic group in northern Nigeriaand the Zarma Songhay also spelled Djerma-Songhaiwho also are found in parts of Mali.

The northern zone is devoted primarily to pastoral nomadism involving camels, cattle, sheep, and goats. While the economy deteriorated over the course of the transition, there were certain notable accomplishments, including the successful conduct of a constitutional referendum; the adoption of key legislation such as the electoral and rural codes; and the holding of several free, fair, and non-violent nationwide elections.

Islam is the religion of 98 percent of the population, followed by traditional religions and Christianity. Their organization was somewhat democratic: This results into losing the military combatant capability of battle field tactics, abuse of power by initiating military brutality in the civil society, engaging in an unprofessional activities enticed by the social activities.

H and Robbernolt J. Since the boundaries of the nation-state were imposed by European colonial powers, ethnic and cultural borders do not coincide with state boundaries. The Ritual Economy of Bori in the Market. In most cases, governments compensate victims of these crisis and this gulped millions of naira which could have been used for economic development.Niger is a secular country and separation of state and religion is guaranteed by Articles 3 and of the Constitution, which dictate that future amendments or revisions may not modify the secular nature of the republic of Niger.

This is one reason for Niger's low population density of just 12 people per square kilometer. Niger's estimated population is million, compared to an estimated million in 94% of Niger's population live on just 35% of the land. Niger has a number of prominent researchers, particularly in history, sociology, ethnology, and literature.

The Centre National de Recherches en Sciences Humaines conducts research, mostly in the humanities but also in the sciences and social sciences, and publishes Etudes Nigeriennes. Demographics of Niger As of 1 Januarythe population of Niger was estimated to be 21, people.

Niger Population

This is an increase of % (, people) compared to population of 21, the year before. In the natural increase was positive, as the number of births exceeded the number of deaths byLow uranium prices, demographics, and security expenditures may continue to put pressure on the government’s finances.

The Government of Niger plans to exploit oil, gold, coal, and other mineral resources to sustain future growth.

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Although Niger has sizable reserves of oil, the prolonged drop in oil prices has reduced profitability. Demography and National Security in Niger Republic: Issues and Prospect Essay  DEMOGRAPHY AND NATIONAL SECURITY IN NIGER REPUBLIC: ISSUES AND PROSPECTS INTRODUCTION 1. The ultimate aim of governments worldwide is to achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of life and well-being of the citizens.

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Demography and national security in niger republic
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