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The market for these types of products crashed because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act passed by the U. This is most likely because the boys will grow up to be the hunters.

By having a high metabolic rate they were able to produce body heat as well, thus keeping them warm.

Essay: The Inuit People of the Arctic

This act includes all marine animals not just the species that are close to extinction. The increasing exclusion of their products comes as a blow to many Inuit communities, who are struggling to find ways to jumpstart their economies after centuries of social and cultural devastation. The Inuit have used to ICC to help them with their problems with other groups in the world.

Due to living in Essay inuit people environment that is cold and difficult to grow food the Inuit people had to become adapted to that environment. They had short bodies, mainly so they could absorb heat for the adaptation to the cold climate they lived in.

It is so horrible that we needed to create such cultural devastation to the Inuit groups just so we could hopefully find more minerals and precious metals. Generally the Inuit would have a summer home and a winter home.

Women are expected to take care of the children and the house. These problems are only touch the surface of what all Inuit communities are facing now and what they will face in the future.

If the sunlight is unable to be reflected back into space the increased temperature will melt the ice and expose more land creating even more warmth. The fish hunted for food are mainly cod and salmon. Cultural and Biological The Inuit people are also known as Eskimos.

The snow was a big factor in inuit life. My father-in-law helped by lending us his truck. Over the thousands of years living in the Artic environment, the Inuit people have adapted culturally and biologically. However, because it is not done all the time, there is little conflict.

The Inuit People

The benefit of possessing a short body and being able to contain heat is that the heat The Inuit people also had fewer sweat glands. If we were to make contact with them today this tragedy could have been prevented by using our new knowledge of medicine. This would greatly alter the habits of the plants and animals that are essential to Inuit life.

Whales that were killed for food include the Bowhead whale, the Narwhal and the Beluga, and another important part of their diet is the almighty walrus.

There was nothing expected in return. With Essay inuit people temperatures rising every year the Arctic regions have been feeling the effects before any other regions on the planet. The tents made it easy for the Inuit to follow the migration of the animals, with an easy take-down and put-up technique.

And the very tough jaw comes from the very tough diet, which regularly includes raw, frozen meat or walrus hide Morrison and Germain The birds that pose for prey are the ducks, geese, swans, loons and even the eggs of the birds in the early summer months.

With this temperature range and the smaller amount of sunlight the Inuit have not been able to become true agriculturalists. It was the best way to keep themselves from freezing to death or frostbite. For years the Inuit communities of Canada and Greenland have been experiencing difficulties with the governments of the world.

As Inuit groups face the realization that they may never be able to pursue what they most want to do — — expand trade in their traditional products — — they are increasingly looking towards other economic possibilities Mastny The family shared the crowded space with a meat drying rack, cooking pots, cooking fire, the light from the fire, storage area for outside hunting and snow gear and it also had room for the families to sleep Morrison and Germain This unified committee has been helping with the spread of chemical contaminants, the anti-hunting lobby, and the international trade restriction that have been imposed on them.Inuit Culture over Time Essay example - The Inuit people of Nunavik in Quebec province in Canada had lived in the harsh environment of the arctic for thousands of years with little contact from the outside world, but the Europeans have changed that, and the Inuit people have had to adapt to contact with other cultures and new technology.

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Kinship and the Inuit People

This is the most common type of unit in a foraging society, such as the Inuit. The nuclear family is. The Inuit of the Arctic Matthew DeCarlo ANT Ms.

Cora Dunaway April 16, The Inuit of the Arctic The Inuit of the Arctic are a unique tribe or people. The Inuit People The word Eskimo is not a proper Eskimo word.

It means "eaters of raw meat" and was used by the Algonquin Indians of eastern Canada for their neighbours who wore animal-skin clothing and were ruthless hunters. Inuit Religion Essay; Inuit Religion Essay.

Words: at a time in their lives, her people knew they had to make a change. It was when the Inuit people had a revelation that there is a God out there who is higher than something that they believed in before.

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